How it Works

What I offer you is fine dining experience in the privacy of your  home.   I can create single meal events, multiple days for families and groups, and medium-sized events. I work directly with you to execute an exciting menu for your perfect experience.

 My focus is  to create the best possible dishes for your special meal. Most people enjoy having a private chef in their kitchen for a couple of hours, but these meals take me a day or depending on the item, sometimes few days to prepare. For this reason,apart from the proteins, I prepare some of the foods in my kitchen ,and then bring them to your kitchen for final cooking, finishing and serving.

This ensures freshness, quality, consistency & me not being at your house all day. 

Meal Services


My Breakfast  includes 3 breakfast main dishes, two sides, one pastry, French press coffee and cold brewed coffee or fresh juices.

My Lunch  is 3- Course or 2-Course and that is a salad, a main course and a dessert or fruit.

For dinner : You can have 5-Course Meal which is 3 appetizers, one salad, one soup, a main course and a dessert. You can also have 4-Course Meal by just skipping one of the options or 3- Course Meal by skipping 2 of the options.

My service includes purchasing all the food as well as food preparation, serving and clean up. Your kitchen will look better than I found it.

If you have requests for dishes or dietary needs that are not on my menu, I can do my best to customize in order to accommodate any additional wants or needs for your party.

All of the menu items can be offered to your party one of two ways:

Plate & Serve (I will plate the dishes and serve for full presentation)

Family-Style (food is presented on your meal table for pass around)

Cooking Lessons

I also teach individuals and small groups in a variety of ways.    Some great cooking lessons I currently offer are:

Basic Cooking Skills

Knife Skills

Pasta Making

Chocolate truffles


Any dish you would like to learn from my menu 

How To Book Our Services 

We can communicate to check availability for the date(s) of your event and can start the dialogue about menu.   We will ask you to send a deposit in order to confirm and book your   service.

We require service contract agreement and 30% deposit payment upfront to book your event, and the balance is due at the event before we leave.   We can take PayPal, Venmo and cash payments.  We do not accept Checks or Credit Cards for final payment.