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  • Ceviche scallops with lime 

  • Gazpacho served in tomato with avocado and celery stick

  • Duck with cranberries, pomegranate served on endive

  • Beet and goat cheese napoleons dressed in orange balsamic glaze and finished with pistachios 

  • Compressed watermelon with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno and avocado dressing

  • Seared Ahi Tuna with shaved cucumber, fennel, grapefruit slices and avocado puree 

  • Cucumber slices with in house cured salmon and citrus

  • Bacon wrapped medjool dates filled with lemony ricotta

  • Crab cakes finished with lemon aioli and dill

  • Endive boats with hummus and pistachios,

  • Walnut and red pepper paste served on crostini

  • Marinated dry aged steak finished with chimichurri 

  • Blackened eggplants, peppers, tomatoes with pomegranate dressing 

  • Chicken with walnut paste on crostini

  • Honey dew with prosciutto and glazed nuts and cranberries

  • Cheese plate 

  • Charcuterie plate 


  • Radicchio, butter leaf salad with apple wedges, basil and buffalo mozzarella with infused apple cider vinaigrette

  • Caesar Salad with romaine hearts, shaved cauliflower, in house made croutons, fried parsley, anchovies and aged parmesan

  • Waldorf Salad with zesty yogurt dressing, roasted champagne grapes, walnuts, apples, little gem and roquefort cheese

  • Snow pea salad with mint, pancetta ,  sautéed onions , aged parmesan shavings

  • Goat cheese tomato, cucumber salad with thyme dressing

  • Beet salad with creme fraiche , radicchio and endives


  • Carrot soup with ginger served with creme fraiche and chives

  • Roasted cauliflower soup

  • Red Lentil and roasted bell pepper soup

  • Pea Soup (served cold)

  • Gazpacho served in heirloom tomato with avocado and celery stick (served cold)

        Main course 

  • Aged Prime cut Filet Mignon with balsamic reduction, herbed mashed potatoes, parmesan broccolini and coral tuile 

  • Marinated dry aged steak served with chimichurri, cauliflower puree and vegetables tossed in truffle oil

  • Dry aged Pepper steak garnished with grilled scallions, proscuitto and grilled vegetables

  • Crown of lamb with pistachio crust and mint salsa served with roasted vegetables

  • Duck breasts with cherry, orange glaze served with roasted potatoes in duck render, sweet potato puree 

  • Whole roasted Chicken with Chardonnay butter sauce served with cauliflower puree and rainbow carrots tossed in brown butter

  • Pepper and coriander crusted Tuna with wasabi, Chardonnay sauce served with smashed potato in truffle oil

  • Grilled sword fish with salsa, baby potatoes and vegetables tossed in truffle oil 

  • Grilled Prawns and lemon wedges on rosemary skewers served with quinoa rice pilaf with grilled vegetables

Wedding Menu

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