Breakfast and Brunch Menu

Breakfast Plates

  • Avocado toast with radishes, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese on toasted sourdough bread

  • Shakshouka ( mildly spicy poached eggs in tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos)

  • Strata with tomatoes and gruyere cheese

  • Trio mini sandwiches or pita;  First one,  grilled chicken artichoke hearts, cheese and sun dried tomatoes.    The second one ,grilled vegetables, cheese and basil pesto. The third one steak with greens

  • Eggs en cocotte with smoked salmon and horseradish cream

  • Thinly sliced flat iron steak, roasted potatoes with fennel, onions, peppers, eggs of choice, tomato and cucumber slices

  • Cheese plate with herbed olives, pickled deviled eggs, sliced tomato and cucumbers

  • Quinoa salad with  feta cheese, olives, black beans and corn

 Sides or Substitutes

  •  Zucchini frittatas with dill and feta cheese

  • Potato, gruyere cheese and bacon muffins

  • Honey or jam

  • Bacon

  • Pickled deviled eggs

  • Fruit plate

  • In House made granola  with nuts and dried fruit served with honey yogurt and berries 


  • Chocolate and orange swirl muffins

  • Oval flat bread

  • Chocolate crinkle cookies

  • Brown butter peach scones

  • Blueberry buckle with lime syrup